Raspberry-cream cheese muffins


Someone in the house bought store-bought muffins the other day. I stared at them everyday but the label for almost 400 calories per muffin prevented me from having one. That’s an entire meal worth of calories in one muffin!! I decided to make my own 🙂

Pros: these turned out to be a much more calorie friendly version of the muffins I will craving. They were also very simple to make.

Cons: besides the raspberried, they still aren’t super healthy

Substitutions: I decided to leave out the walnuts this round as I wasn’t craving a nut type muffin. Next time I might add a tblsp of ground flax for some extra nutrition! Really you can add anything to a solid muffin base.

Verdict: these were delicious!! I am going to recipe box them forsure. I kept half in the fridge and the other half I froze. We will see how well they keep but according to another source, you can freeze muffins for about 2-3 months. (Guess that’s another pro!)

Photo: By me

Source: http://www.health.com/health/m/recipe/0,,10000000458808,00.html


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